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Modular furniture for small spaces: 4 fun ideas

Updated: May 17, 2022

Decorating in small spaces can be a challenge. How do you fit everything you need without making your place feel cluttered? Modular furniture for small spaces can solve many of these issues, helping you find a balance between your style and your floorplan.

Whether you’re decorating your home office, living room, or your entire tiny home, modular furniture can come to the rescue. Modular pieces often offer different configurations with multifunctional features that you can adjust based on your available space.

Get ready to learn how to make your biggest interior design dreams come true with these helpful tips on using modular furniture for small spaces.

Small space decorating tips

Today’s homes and apartments are getting smaller, tiny houses are in, and more people than ever before are working out of a home office. Making room to live and work in your home is challenging, especially if you live in a pricey city like New York or Los Angeles, but it’s not impossible.

Before we share our top ideas for using modular furniture in small spaces, let’s cover some small space basics. These tips can help you bring a small apartment or tiny home to life:

  • Keep it bright: Use bright lighting and let in as much natural light as possible. Also, consider glass and acrylic furniture to let the light flow through your spaces.

  • Make friends with mirrors: From decorative wall mirrors to mirrored dressers, mirrors can make your space feel brighter by reflecting natural light. They can also create the illusion of more space when positioned to reflect an open area.

  • Pick a palette: Small spaces need to be cohesive to prevent a cluttered look, so pick a color palette and stick to it.

  • Be strategic with bigger pieces: Larger furniture can fit in a small space, but it’ll work better up against the wall than in the middle of the room. Be strategic with any bigger pieces you keep.

  • Ditch the clutter: Less is more in a small home, so get rid of things you don’t need and avoid accumulating more clutter. Minimalist interior design works particularly well.

  • Try something bold: Small spaces can work well with bold accents — like a colorful geometric area rug. Bold prints, colors, and textures work surprisingly well with limited square footage.

  • Save your floor space: Pick pieces of furniture that don’t take up much floor space, if any, while making good use of your vertical space. For example, a floating shelving system or tall bookcase can add serious storage without a large footprint.

  • Check the fit first: When purchasing furniture for your small space, test the fit by using masking tape to outline the furniture’s footprint on your floor. This way, you know how much floor space it’ll occupy and if you have the room.

These home decor tips can make studio apartments, tiny homes, and small rooms feel more spacious and welcoming. Play around with them to see what a difference they make.

4 great ways to use modular furniture for small spaces

Modular furniture can help you make the best out of small space living. Instead of a fixed design that you can’t change, modular pieces can transform to fit your space. Here are four great ways to use modular furniture for small space interior design, no matter where you live.

1. Modular bookshelves

Small spaces demand storage, and bookshelves are an excellent solution. But don’t just go anywhere and pick the first bookcase you see — look for a modular option with multifunctional features.

Our pick: Bower 3-Piece Storage Ladder Bookcase

The Bower 3-Piece Storage Ladder Bookcase has a lot to offer if you want small space furniture for a home office or living room. The set features a storage bookcase with four tiers of shelving and four drawers plus two 5-tier ladder-style bookcases that pair in various configurations.

You can add extra functionality and storage space with a 2-shelf desk, creating the ultimate small home office setup. With a modern cappuccino finish and multiple storage options, this bookcase can elevate any home office or studio apartment.

2. Modular coffee table

A modular coffee table can make a small living room more … well, livable! Since the modern coffee table often pulls double-duty as a dining table, you want something versatile. Many modular coffee tables pull apart into multiple smaller pieces that can function as side tables, TV trays, or even footrests.

Our pick: Round Modular Coffee Table

This Round Modular Coffee Table is a three-piece set that can serve as an attractive focal point in any living room. Made from three leaf-shaped tables, you can place them together to create a round coffee table or use them as three smaller snack tables.

However you use it, this coffee table is an excellent example of multifunctional furniture, and it’s sure to upgrade your space. Each tabletop features a black metal frame with a walnut-finished leaf.

3. Modular Sofa

Modular sofas and sectionals are some of the most popular and useful options. While you might not think of sectional sofas when space-saving furniture comes to mind, you might be surprised how well they can work in small homes. For example, you could opt for a pull-out sofa bed to transform your living room into a guest room when needed or a multi-part sectional that can change and grow with you.

Our pick: Serene Upholstered Armless Sectional

The Serene Upholstered Armless Sectional is a perfect way to add seating to your small home. Comfortable, versatile, and completely customizable, this piece lets you build the sofa your living room needs. It features padded foam cushioning, down feathers, a plush backrest, and several configuration options, from an L-shape chaise lounge sofa to a U-shape sectional sofa.

The set comes with three armless chairs, two corners, and one ottoman with beautiful charcoal upholstery. It also comes with two matching accent pillows. The Serene Upholstered Sectional also comes in beige upholstery.

You can purchase additional pieces for the Serene Sectional to expand your set or create a new piece of furniture. For example, if you’d like a matching loveseat, simply buy two corner pieces and put them together.

4. Sleeper sofa

A sleeper sofa can seamlessly transform your living room into a guest bedroom. And in a small studio apartment, it can even double as your primary bed. While many sleeper sofas are classified as transforming furniture instead of modular furniture, they offer many of the same benefits. Of course, any sofa that lets you pull out a hidden mattress is an excellent choice, but futons are also good options.

Our pick: Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle

This Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle is a sleek and stylish way to add functionality to your home. It boasts a curvy look with a hint of retro flavor and a comfy daybed that can serve as a sofa in any teen bedroom, living room, or studio apartment. And the lower slide-out trundle is mattress-ready. Together, the twin daybed up top and the twin trundle underneath can add enough space to accommodate two or three people.

Unleash your inner interior designer

Small spaces aren’t impossible to decorate, they just require a discerning eye and thoughtful furniture choices. Remember, it’s all about picking versatile furniture ideas and making the most of your limited square footage. Thankfully, modular furniture for small spaces makes this much more manageable.

If you’re still looking for ideas, browse the full selection of pieces available on HPGstore. Then, when you’re ready to buy, just place your order and get ready for your new furniture.

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