A398-2 I Rest Bussines Class Massage and Recliner Chair in two tones upholstery

Experience the best massage a chair can give with the I-Rest A398-2 massage chair


  • High quality microfiber similar to natural leather performance. Wear, cold, heat and color fading high resistance
  • Zero Gravity: Using NASA technology, scientific research and design of massage position and pressure points in the body this chair is engineered to relax your body.
  • Zero space: Designed with one button to move smoothly and uniquely forward, this chair can be fully opened only with 2 inches of distance from any wall.
  • SL Shape curved rail: Massage distance is 54 inches, for extra long bodies. Making sure you enjoy a massage from head to the leg and also helps mantain the human vertebra S shaped curve relaxing your spine and relieving tense muscles.
  • Linkage armrest: Armrest can automatically slide according to the backrest tilt degree. The user can massage arms and waist in a natural posture.

Air pressure massage: With a total of 28 air bags 1 air pump and 3 levels of air pressure intensity this is a supreme massage experience.

  • 4 upper arm airbag massage
  • 8 under arm airbag massage
  • 4 leg air bag massage
  • 12 foot air bag massage

Whole body relaxation massage: 3 levels of massage adjustable speed

  • Head: Head cushion can adjust up and down freely
  • Shoulder: Negative oxygen Ion generator and 3D auido Bluetooth speakers
  • Back: Carbon fiber infrarred heating. 40-50C degrees back heating function can relieve coldness and pain on your back. 
  • Back and hip: 53 inches intelligent massage hands and detachable seat cushion
  • Foot: 3 stages massage. Special sole raised dots design, professional scrapping massage as human therapist.
  • Calf rest extended stepless: According to different body height, the calf rest frame can extend freely to a maximun fo 10 additional inches adjusting to your body.

Six automatic massage programs

  • Relax-rush group: Intelligent massage system combinig professional massage techniques to massage chairs to achieve multi-dimensional and aspect massage , to help relieve fatigue after a long day of work.
  • Full-Campaign group: Scientific 15 minutes automatic massage program, can massage focus on your fatigue point, provide healthy service for your whole body.
  • Neck and shoulder - Computer group: Comfortable neck and shoulder auto massage mode, enjoy a massagee that expels aches on cervical vertebrae easily.
  • Ache relieve- Beautylove group: Designe dto relieve pain and stiffnes on muscles, similar to scraping therapy; stretching an d loosen muscles.
  • Back and waist- House group: Ease up on massage on back and waist, active ligament on lumbar and thoracic and loosen your muscles stiffness.
  • Comfortable- Old Age group: Completly real pressure massage designs from neck to sole, arms to your fingertips, will provide ypu with incomparable full body massage experience and fully relieve skin.

Breathing massage chair

  • Ad hoc head negative oxygen ion generator can release ions, its largest concentration up to 240,000 cubic cm. Fresh air for more pure breathing.
  • Memo modes: The individual memory functions will remember your requirements on specially designed massage methods. Any massage and functions combinations choice can be stored for later use.
  • Shortcut button and usb charger:  Inner arm controller let you control the angle of the backrest and seat and it also features a USB port.
  • Avalaible in two color options

Includes: 1 massage chair



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$5,499.00 Regular Price
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  • Voltage: 110-120v

    Rated power: 150w

    rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

    Standby power: 0.1-1w